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The importance of weight limit and inventory slots is considerable as most activities in Black Desert Online require either a large inventory space or a decent. So I played the beta and one of the things I used my free test gold on was inventory space which was monumentally helpful. I am aware that. Below is a table of all the quests that will give you more inventory space 15, [ Co-op] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp, Black Spirit, Black Spirit, Bag Currently the only other way to increase inventory space is by buying bag slots in the cash Locations are now correct and quest names link to the black desert database. Passwort vergessen Bitte gib Usernamen oder Email-Adresse ein. Quests Reyas' Request World Beer Festival Halloween. Doch es gibt viele Möglichkeiten das Inventar und die Lagerplätze massiv auszubauen, auch ohne den Einsatz von Perlen. Do not make posts to intentionally cause drama. In meinem Guide zum Housing habe ich das Thema Lagerplätze schon erwähnt. Daher Hut ab,… sehr ausführlich und gut beschrieben. Quoting The User shall not quote posts who break the forum rules. Über Quests sind etwa 30 zusätzliche Plätze möglich. The User shall not attack or insult other users for having different opinions or for making statements the User disagrees with. Feel free to post your OC as long as you are an active member of this community. This will open a list which shows all the inventory expansion quests. That's it for my guide on the Inventory Quests and How to Train Strength in Black Desert Online. If you want more general help with the game, visit poker online spielen kostenlos deutsch Black Desert Online Beginner Tips and Tricks. Puia and the Wooden Box Design. Replies to own threads with the sole purpose of moving said thread to the top of the forum can lead to a warning with the possible consequence of losing writing permissions on http: Very helpful link, many thanks! Bitte gib Usernamen oder Email-Adresse ein. Mechanics Auction-House Directions Warehouses Transportation Taming Stable Dock Remote-Recovery Production-Notes NPC-Exchange Costumes Shop. The User shall not discuss specific cases of moderated posts or disciplinary actions against users on the forum.

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Black Desert Online: How to increase your strength and inventory size I am aware that you can expand the number of slots through questing but my question is, can you max it without paying actual money? These points can be used in the pearl shop within the loyalty tab. Announcements Share your Suggestions! Wenn du diese Website ohne Änderung der Cookie-Einstellungen verwendest oder auf "Akzeptieren" klickst, erklärst du sich damit einverstanden. To add content requires a long time, but don't feel discouraged if it takes time to see changes. Get Black Desert Online news the moment it happens! Chopping Drying Grinding Heating Simple Alchemy Simple Cooking Thinning More pages


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